Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Official Announcement: Xen Cloud Platform Initiative

The big build up by the press that Citrix was going to majorly diss VMware by unveiling its Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) initiative at Monday's VMworld kick-off was a dud. In fact, there turned out to be far more written about the technical glitches experienced in the lab sessions on Monday.

The meat of the XCP announcement was around the possibilities of community alignment, and the value proposition of open source technologies that can truly deliver on innovation, openness, and interoperability to free customers from proprietary, vendor lock-in.

Clearly, if the community can fulfill its new charter to create stable, well-defined APIs around a single, compatible code base, it will drive rapid adoption of the Xen hypervisor as service providers and enterprises expand their virtual data center deployments in 2010.

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